Cierra Furlow
Cierra was born in Fort Meyers Florida on December 22, 1985 to Chrysandra Skinner. Growing up, she really identified with music. Cierra knew from an early age that music was in her soul. She was only four years old when she sang her first solo in church.

Cierra moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 1999. Life was hard, lonely, and frightening at times. She experienced many challenges brought forth by life itself. During these hard times she could have easily been distracted by society’s negative influences, but instead she became deeply curious about God. Cierra realized that the reason God’s presence weighed so heavily on her mind was due to the fact that it was “God” who was pressing the issue. She came to realize that God wants to be known and she found out that God does exist! She loves God and can attest to knowing him.

Cierra strongly believes that God does not force you to believe in him, though he could. Her music is a reflection of her life and she wants people to view her through her music. Cierra wants the world to know that God is love and she wants to share with the world her life experiences. Through her own personal relationship with God, she wants to send the message that whoever believes in God shall not perish but have eternal life. Cierra knows in her heart that God is the “light of the World” and he who follows him will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.
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